Each material challenges us
to push the boundaries
of our creative technics.

The majority of the world’s cork
originates in Portugal.
The mountains of Algarve
produce a denser cork
that is used for
the finest champagne corks.

This same cork is also cut in thin sheets
and mounted into continuous rolls
>like the ones we use.

burel wool and cork

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Cork Fabric

All of our bases are polished natural cork on one side, which offers durability, slip-resistance and ease of cleaning. We like the contrast between the burel wool and the cork.

Cork is an extraordinary, natural material,
light, flexible, durable and with numerous uses.

It is the bark of the cork oak
and is harvested every 9 years
without damaging the tree.

A5 Notebook
Cut and engraved

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Natural Cork

For our notebooks, we chose a natural cork, without finishing, unpolished, so that you can fell the dense and smooth texture of the cork oaks. Our laser techniques darken each piece of cork in a unique way giving each piece its own expression.


Collections: Frieze Patterns and Frieze Adornments


Collections: Frieze Patterns and Frieze Adornments


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