Each material challenges us
to push the boundaries
of our creative technics.

Red clay formed into artisanal slabs
creates a fitting support for our stamps
inspired by the fish markets.

Typical Plate from Alentejo
Manual Engraving

Art Stamp Besugo / Sea Bream
Digital Engraving

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Red Clay with Ceramic Slip

These traditional plates from Alentejo inspired us to use red clay bathed in white ceramic slip (barbotine), engraved by laser in our workshop and then glazed. This combination produces an inspiring contrast between the traditional material and the incredible detail of our fish drawings.

We developed
drawings with immense detail
and engraved them by laser
in our workshop
to push the boundaries
of this traditional material.

The slightest variation
in the thickness of the ceramic slip
results in different
tones on each block.

Art Stamps

Collection: Fish Market


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