There are
almond orchards to prune. .
There are words
you are compelled to repeat.

Art Stamp
Saudades que Ficam

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Art Stamps
of Portuguese Proverbs

Expressions and proverbs passed down through the generations.
Now they caution us. Now they reassure us. We have transformed words into graphics that guide our thoughts. To play with them is to discover new passages.

Romã / Pomegranate becomes
the new word for amor / love
and amor for romã,
like this, inseparable.

2 Stamps
Amor / Romã

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Art Stamps in Pairs

Certain words and expressions complement each other, each revealing the other. Here we propose them as inseparable pairs, both reinforcing and questioning each other.

We saw grandmother
sorting almonds,
her hands moving deftly
on the tray
filling the basket.
We heard her say
“A little health and luck",
at each farewell.

Art Stamps

Collection: Portuguese Proverbs

Art Stamp Pairs

Collection: Portuguese Proverbs


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