We lose ourselves
in the repeating patterns
of Portuguese tiles,
in the intertwining
streets and squares,
continually unraveling their story,
that is also ours.

Pattern Senhora do Monte

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Portuguese Wall Tiles Collection

We collect these tile patterns from building facades during our travels through Portugal, traced them, cut them out, filtered the light through their openings, rearranged them, stamped randomly or carefully aligned, to once again reveal their many centers.

These traditional floor tiles
are kept hidden
inside typical homes in the Algarve.
When we are invited inside,
even if just for a glass of water,
we cross the threshold
and quench our thirst.

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Collection Floor Tiles of Algarve

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Algarve Floor Tiles Collection

We collect the vibrant geometries of hydraulic tiles, so common as the floor of Algarve homes, slowly, of course, as they are hidden inside. We find a unique story in each house, in each room the tiles are arranged in different ways

The light that illuminates the city
that reflects on the windows,
the light that echoes
from the tiled facades,
we carry it with us.

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Collection: Portuguese Wall Tiles

Art Stamps

Collection: Algarve Floor Tiles


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