Each material challenges us
to push the boundaries
of our creative technics.

Burel is a traditional
Portuguese fabric,
100% wool.

Middle Age Tradition

Since the Middle Ages, burel wool has been produced in Serra da Estrela in central Portugal using wool from the local Bordaleira sheep. These sheep were raised for their milk which was used to produce the tasty Serra da Estrela cheese. Because this wool was not soft enough for knitting, it was woven into burel fabric, and traditionally used for making the shepherds’ capes.

Color: Turquoise

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In the burel factories in Manteigas
we heard stories of the shearing
and washing of the wool.
We watched as this wool was teased,
carded and spun into tread,
warped on the beams and
woven on the restored looms.

We learned that to make
burel dense and waterproof
the fabric is soaked and beaten,
traditionally by stomping.

Color: Quartz Rose

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Bas-reliefs in Burel Wool

The compacte, dyed and cut burel wool reminds us of the adornments found on the facades of houses in the Algarve. It is as if we peeled the relief from the house, but instead of lime and sand, it was light, flexible, resistant and insulating. Sure, it’s burel!


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Collection: Frieze Patterns


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