We make pieces inspired by the patterns that enchant us,

all with a contemporary function,

to serve you as tools of reverie.

Collection Algarve Friezes
Pattern Postal do Algarve

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Our Collections

We collect patterns from our Algarve heritage that inspire us and inspire us to share.

Collection | Portuguese Proverbs

We heard our grandmother say “Saudinha e Sorte”, at each farewell.
There are proverbs worth repeating.
There are words that form patterns.

Collection | Algarve Friezes

Through the streets of Loule, through the frenzy of our day, the magnificent details on the house facades suspend us in time.

Collection | The Fish Market

From the hills of Loule with the sea in the distance, the horn of the delivery van echoes in the morning, the sound of fish arriving fresh from the local fish market.

Collection | Portugal Tiles

We lose ourselves in the repeating patterns of Portuguese tiles, in the intertwining streets and squares, continually unraveling their story, that is also ours.

Each material challenges us
to push the boundaries
of our creative technics.

Collection Algarve Friezes
Pattern Vale da Boa Hora

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Our Materials

We search for materials that are authentic, natural, local and sustainable, that have stories to tell that guide us.

Burel Wool

Burel is a traditional Portuguese fabric, 100% wool. Since the Middle Ages, burel wool has been produced in Serra da Estrela in central Portugal using wool from the local Bordaleira sheep, which are raised for their milk to produce the tasty Serra da Estrela cheese.

Wood from Pruning

Giving homage to our rural legacy of the Algarve hillside we use wood derived from the pruning of active olive orchards, cultivated to produce olive oil and almonds.


Red clay, bathed in white slip, etched by hand and then glazed, is the material used for the famous plates made in Alentejo, Portugal and inspired us to combine artisanal clay slabs with laser etching.


Founded to produce school manuals for the University of Coimbra, the historic paper factory Prado-Cartolinas da Lousã has been in operation for more than 300 years in the center of Portugal.


Cork is an extraordinary, natural material, light, flexible, durable and with numerous uses. It is the bark of the cork oak and is harvested every 9 years without damaging the tree.

In our workshop, we continually develop and refine our technics, both manual and technological, crafting them for each of our projects.

Box of Stamps
Collection Floor Tiles of Algarve

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Our products

We design every piece with a function to enrich the daily life with beauty and utility.


These trivets can occupy the center of your table filled with lively conversation, or wait patiently, hanging like a Portuguese frieze yearning to be peeled from the wall, to serve. The union of burel wool and cork is surprisingly light, flexible and heat resistant.


Our coasters, in sets of four, are collections of traditional frieze designs to spread across your table, or puzzles of tiles to unravel. The union of burel wool with cork is surprisingly light, flexible, absorbent and heat resistant.

Art Stamps

Stamps are one of our favorite creative tools. The extreme detail of our rubber engraving means that these stamps are suitable for simple games or your most rigorous projects. The artisanal bases, either from wood trimmings or in glazed clay, will call to you to pick them up and use them.


We adore notebooks, fall in love with their covers, dreaming of what we might do, opening and sketching slowly before devouring every corner. In our workshop we hand sew them one by one from serigraphs or natural cork and soft ivory pages to contrast with the Portuguese cotton thread binding.


Cards are tools for transmitting messages to someone we love, or to ourselves, framed. We craft these cards from simple Portuguese cardstock, hand-stamped, one by one, leaving the inside blank for you to craft your own message. Bespoke envelopes included.


Not just for marking your books, our bookmarks stand out like ornaments on an Algarve façade, or like a fish leaping from the water, as objects of beauty themselves, beauty that move us.


We often find ourselves using rulers in our workshop and at home. Whether to measure, or just to feel the olivewood on our fingertips, or to get lost in the intricate lace of the cut patterns, these rulers are useful tools that continuously inspire.

Let our products enrich your day with the authenticity of their materials and invite the history of each pattern to inspire you on your way.

The Fish Market Collection

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